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Join the game based on Blockchain and NFT. Economy is one of the most extensive economic games on BNB Chain.
We run from 1 to even 100 companies which are dependent on each other’s supply chains.
Dozens of different supply chains allow us to earn on Cryptocurrency by introducing a new concept (In-game-Staking). By expanding and improving your companies you can increase your earnings on Cryptocurrencies.
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Parcels testnet AirDrop!

On June 23, 2023, we will be conducting an AirDrop of Parcels on our testnet servers. We are looking forward to distributing a total of 1,000 Parcels.
Every logged-in user will be eligible to receive from 1 to 3 Parcels, as part of this AirDrop, until all Parcels have been distributed.
This is a thrilling opportunity to engage with our community and take part in this event. We are eager to see your participation
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No limits!

Are you wondering if it’s worth it? The answer is simple YES! You have the opportunity to spread your wings in the field of management, economy or technology while earning some money!

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One of the most extensive game based on Blockchain and NFT

Most of the available Blockchain games are based on simple commands or buying plots. We offer you a game full of dependencies which will draw you in for tens or even hundreds of hours of fun.

Current status

  • Moonce.SpaceEconomic game concept
  • Moonce.SpaceName and Roadmap
  • Moonce.SpaceCollecting market informations
  • Moonce.SpacePerformance calculation
  • Moonce.SpacePreparation of dependencies
  • Moonce.SpaceServer Works - start a call
  • Moonce.SpaceFirst Front Service
  • Moonce.SpacePreparation of graphics
  • Moonce.SpaceIsometric Map
  • Moonce.SpaceActions on the map
  • Moonce.SpaceConstruction of the City of Moonce
  • Moonce.SpaceConstruction of an urban housing estate
  • Moonce.SpaceBranches of production
  • Moonce.SpaceRandom Variables
  • Moonce.SpaceSupply Chains

Different then others ...